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Epic Story-Drive Game IRL!

ZEDTOWN is a four-hour event where Color Run® meets Call of Duty®.

In this immersive game of Survivors vs Zombies, hundreds of players, armed with only their foam blasters, battle to make it to the final stand in a post-apocalypse-themed adventure.

Everyone starts as a survivor. Unique characters give you quests, a call-in radio station gives tips, and an app tracks your achievements. Each player works with their squad to make it to the final stand. When you’re tagged by a zombie, you become one too! Then there’s only one thing you want to do, hunt the most BRAINS!

A player-driven story

Be the hero in your own movie, which is the objective of every Zedtown. The more you explore, the further you venture into the game, the more you will discover.

Who hasn’t wondered “What would I do if I was one of the last few living people on earth?” These games give you the opportunity to explore that.

Zedtown uses audience-familiar characters, innovative technology, and story-telling skills, to deeply immerse thousands of people at a time.

What people are saying

According to Zedtown participant Hayley Williams, a Social Media & Community Editor for Gizmodo, Lifehacker and Kotaku in Australia, “The best parts of Zedtown are the heart-thumping, adrenaline-fueled moments of pure survival. It’s a feeling that’s hard to find anywhere else, recreating the tense, physically strenuous moments of your favorite action movies or zombie survival flicks. It’s the experience at the core of what makes Zedtown great, and it’s what keeps me coming back again and again.”

Illustrations on the Game Rules page by Matt Roden