You’re making your way to the Quarantine Zone. With the country in disarray, it’s important you’re ready for whatever’s out there. Each faction has a separate set of skills that could help you outlast the virus. Remember: it’s up to you how much or how little you dress to the theme!


In present-day America, the ZTX virus is spreading and turning citizens into brain-craving zombies. You’ve joined a faction run by a Section Chief in charge of either security, medical or logistics. For ideas and inspiration in how to dress for your faction have a look at the below, which includes some great series and franchises.

Zedtown red faction sigil

Red Faction:
Zone Security

The security detail of the Quarantine Zone have gone slightly feral under the leadership of Warden Steiner. Since being bitten by a zombie, a fever has taken hold and he’s become particularly unhinged. This faction ranges from petty bullies to outright Mad Max-style gangs. They have the most guns and therefore the most right to rule.

Zedtown yellow faction sigil

Zone Medical

The Chief Medical Officer of the Quarantine Zone is a man on a mission. In defiance of zone safety and at great personal risk to him and his men, he has detained Patient Zero in an isolation tent within his facility. If he can secure the time and resources he needs, he could yet synthesise the cure that will save the world.

Zedtown blue faction sigil

Blue Faction:
Zone Logistics

Under the leadership of the politically aspirational Deputy Mayland, the bureaucrat-cum-anarchist faction is orchestrating an information war against the MDC. The breach of the Quarantine Zone reeks of another government cover-up, and Mayland’s team will stop at nothing to uncover and broadcast the truth.


Every player in Zedtown begins the game with membership to a specific faction. Each faction is a tribe, community all rolled into one.

Faction sigil artwork by: Matt Roden


Zombie-only players have the opportunity to be transformed into a Zombie by a professional make-up artist before the game starts. They are not members of any Faction.


As we share our space with lots of bystanders please don’t dress in a way that would intimidate passersby – no full tactical outfits, no paintball masks, no full-camo or all-in-black outfits.