Are there ID requirements or an age limit to play?

You must be over 18 to play Zedtown. All players will be required to sign a waiver upon check-in to play Zedtown.

What time should I arrive?

You should arrive at the game start time to the Zedtown entry area.  You will get your blaster checked, sent to your faction area, and be prepared to play Zedtown!  For Austin & Phoenix that is at 5:00 PM.  Unfortunately players that arrive late will not be allowed entry once game play has begun.

Can I purchase my ticket on-site at the gate?

All tickets need to be purchased in advance through our ticketing link.  Buy early, to get the best price and to select your faction.  Visit the tickets page now to purchase.

What are my ticket options?

There are three levels of ticket options for Zedtown! We encouraged you to buy your tickets early for the lowest ticket price available. You can also share your ticket purchase with friends and get rewarded, including a FREE entry to Zedtown. More details below and on the ticketing page, REWARDS.

Zombie Only players will have the opportunity to be transformed in to a Zombie by a professional make-up artist before the start of the event! Alpha Zombies report in to the Boss Zombie. They are not members of the factions who complete missions throughout the game for achievements. Limited number of tickets are available.

Survivor ticket holders will enter the Quarantine Zone and become immersed in the game! Players will select one of three factions for game play. Red=Security, Gold=Medical, Blue=Logistics. More information on home page.

VIP Survivor package includes a Survivor ticket plus a Zedtown bandana, an extra life, and a specialty card that grants in-game powers!  A VIP ticket lets you start your  Zedtown experience with maximum possible immunity and powers.  The extra life and specialty card can be earned in-game, but not until well after play commences, and subject to limited availability.  Don’t forget to choose your faction:  Red=Security, Gold=Medical, Blue=Logistics. A limited number are available!

What are the ticket rewards?

When you purchase your ticket you have the option to earn rewards including a FREE entry to Zedtown!  The more you share, the more your friends purchase, the more you are rewarded. On the ticketing page, click the top right REWARDS button to learn more.

If you already purchased your ticket, you can still share with friends. Log in to your TIXR account created upon purchase. Click the REWARDS button, your unique URL will populate. Share and earn rewards!

Is there a Sunday event in Austin & Phoenix?

There will be one event taking place on Saturday to give you one epic blaster battle experience in Zedtown!

How are we assigned to a faction?

All players will be in one of three factions; red, gold or blue. You select the faction at the time of ticket purchase.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, when you purchase your ticket you have the option to designate a payment plan. The full value of the ticket must be paid for at least two-weeks prior to the event to be valid for entry.

What do I need to bring?

Along with your ticket, all you need to bring is a foam dart blaster of some kind, or balled-up socks. We provide everything else you need including dog tags, a call-in radio station, zombie make-up for when you turn and a dedicated phone app (iOS and Android) to track the game’s progress.

If you want to put your best foot forward in the zombie apocalypse there are all kinds of things you can bring as well. Good running shoes, extra ammo, snacks, walkie talkies, battery extenders for your phone and even a costume, all add to the experience – though they are far from required.

What should I wear?

What ever you feel comfortable in! Some of our players dress up which we love. Your ticketed faction color is a great starting place when choosing how to dress.

As we share our space with lots of bystanders, please don’t dress in a way that would intimidate a passerby. No full tactical outfits, no paintball masks, no full camo or all-in-black outfits are allowed.  We also ask that you do not have bandanas covering all or a part of your face.  We want to see your expression when the zombies attack!

We mentioned good running shoes.  Yes, we want you to be comfortable and ready to dart away from any zombies!

How long is the event?

You should get to the event at the listed start time, plan for one (1) hour for check-in and three (3) hours of play.

Do you provide blasters / ammo?

All players will need to provide their own blaster and ammo. These can be bought from a variety of retailers.

Note: You are not guaranteed to get your ammo darts back. Once they are shot, unless you want to then pick them up (which will definitly increase your risk of being tagged by a Zombie), they become part of the game and anyone can pick them up. Which means, while you may lose the darts you came with you will end up with darts you found on the day. We also do big ammo drops throughout the game.

What kind of blaster can I use?

Any type of foam dart, ball, arrow or disc blaster available in the United States is allowed. Please don’t modify your blaster internally or in a way that makes it look realistic or effects or improves its performance– non-mechanical cosmetic mods and brightly-coloured paint jobs are fine!

Sadly, at this point Rival blasters are out – they’re a little too powerful for games this size.

Is my ticket refundable or can I exchange it?

Tickets are nontransferable and nonrefundable unless a game is cancelled.  If a cancellation were to occur, it will be posted to our social media with details on exchanges or refunds.

How did Zedtown start?

Zedtown has run these story-driven games in Australia since 2012, seeing thousands turn in to zombies along the way since partnering with Hasbro NERF®.

Now VStar Entertainment is partnering with LifeLikeTouring and TEG Live to bring the extraordinary experience to a broader community here in the United States! In Australia, a single day in 2017 saw more than 2,000 players fighting their way through the apocalypse at Sydney’s Homebush Showgrounds. There are big plans afoot: stay tuned!

What if it rains?

Short of inclement weather (lightning, tornadoes, etc.) Zedtown will not be cancelled.